Allan Dean and Kevin Dean, trumpet

I recently stumbled across this series of YouTube videos uploaded by a YouTube user named “wideangleman”. Allan is a professor at the Yale School of Music, while Kevin is a professor at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music in the Jazz Department. Also of note is the relationship of the two trumpeters-Allan is Kevin’s uncle. I’ll post as many of these videos as I can- they represent some fantastic trumpet playing.

Also of note is the interesting fact that Allan, Kevin, and the saxophonist Al McLean play on various vintage and/or rare instruments for their performances. You can really hear the differences between old Martin, Conn, French Besson, Bach, and Olds trumpets (and Selmer, Martin, Conn, Leblanc, and other saxes).

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  1. This is truly a fantastic series thank you for posting it here.

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