For Sale

2015 Bach LT1901B “Commercial” Trumpet – Excellent condition with a couple of minor dings and scratches. Plays great! Comes with rounded and square tuning slides. Asking $2250

1990s Lawler Trumpet – Good condition with some scratches, minor silver wear, and other signs of use. Excellent player and great Kanstul valves. 25LR bell, ML bore, rounded tuning slide, and #1 reversed leadpipe. Asking $1250

Patrick 3C mouthpiece – Excellent condition. $50

Warburton USA 3MD top – Excellent condition. $50

Warburton USA 3MV top – Excellent condition. $50

Warburton USA 3MC top – Good condition. $40

Warburton USA 5SVW top – Excellent condition. Gold plated (faded). $60

Vincent Bach Corp 2-1/2C – Excellent condition. 1960s vintage. $60

Vincent Bach Corp. 7C with Lucite rim – Excellent condition. $60

Vincent Bach Corp 7E – Good condition. 1960s vintage. Plating wear on rim. $35

Kanstul B10 backbore – Excellent condition. Warburton threads. $40

Getzen “A” piccolo trumpet leadpipe – Nearly new. Trumpet shank. $35

Pictures available upon request. USA sales only.

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