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John Marchiando masterclass

An excellent masterclass by John Marchiando…….topics include breathing, tone quality, warm ups, etc. Well worth the hour of viewing time!

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Kenny Rampton Warm Up and Practice Techniques

Excellent information for any trumpet player from Kenny Rampton of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

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Trumpet fundamentals clinic on 10/5/13 at Melk Music!

Area band directors…….I’m presenting an informal masterclass on trumpet fundamentals at Melk Music Inc. this Saturday, Oct. 5th at 1:00pm. While I’m gearing it towards middle-school level students, high-school students will get something out of it too! It’s FREE and … Continue reading

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Arturo Sandoval – Trumpet and life lessons on Tip Tuesday!

Thank you Arturo Sandoval and Jens Lindemann for sharing what trumpet playing is all about!

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Tanglewood Music Center Trumpet Masterclass – MUST WATCH!

The Boston Symphony’s Tanglewood Music Center has recently released a 5-part YouTube video series titled “The Art of Section Playing”. ┬áThis is the best video series I’ve ever seen on the subject, and some of the best instruction available by … Continue reading

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Analogies: Breathing and the golf swing

As many of my students know, I use analogies almost constantly in lessons. Most teachers find having multiple ways to explain a concept is helpful in connecting with a student. Analogies are one of those ways, so I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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“Never Say Never Again”

I’ve just learned of a great article that I would like all of my students to read. It discusses many myths concerning “absolutes” when learning or teaching a brass instrument. The title says it best, “Never Say Never Again”. The … Continue reading

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Precision trumpet playing-here’s why we aim for it!

I often stress the importance of playing accurately to my students. Rhythm, timing, pitch, articulation, style, purity of sound, evenness of tone in all registers, etc. all make the difference between a good player and a great player. I found … Continue reading

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Wayne Bergeron Masterclass!

Wayne is one of my favorite trumpet players and is just a great guy. I credit Wayne for advising me about an important adjustment of my trumpet playing. He’s a wealth of knowledge and a world class player in every … Continue reading

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Clean Your Trumpet!

A clean trumpet may be the easiest way to give yourself a performance “edge”, and it extends the life of your horn too. It’s just like changing the oil (and other fluids), rotating the tires, routine thorough inspections, and the … Continue reading

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