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John Marchiando masterclass

An excellent masterclass by John Marchiando…….topics include breathing, tone quality, warm ups, etc. Well worth the hour of viewing time!

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David Bilger plays Tomasi and more!

One of the great orchestral trumpet players currently performing in the USA is David Bilger, principal trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra.  His playing exemplifies everything we strive for as trumpet players.  Listen and learn from a master!

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Kenny Rampton Warm Up and Practice Techniques

Excellent information for any trumpet player from Kenny Rampton of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

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Trumpet fundamentals clinic on 10/5/13 at Melk Music!

Area band directors…….I’m presenting an informal masterclass on trumpet fundamentals at Melk Music Inc. this Saturday, Oct. 5th at 1:00pm. While I’m gearing it towards middle-school level students, high-school students will get something out of it too! It’s FREE and … Continue reading

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Arturo Sandoval – Trumpet and life lessons on Tip Tuesday!

Thank you Arturo Sandoval and Jens Lindemann for sharing what trumpet playing is all about!

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Tanglewood Music Center Trumpet Masterclass – MUST WATCH!

The Boston Symphony’s Tanglewood Music Center has recently released a 5-part YouTube video series titled “The Art of Section Playing”.  This is the best video series I’ve ever seen on the subject, and some of the best instruction available by … Continue reading

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Analogies: Breathing and the golf swing

As many of my students know, I use analogies almost constantly in lessons. Most teachers find having multiple ways to explain a concept is helpful in connecting with a student. Analogies are one of those ways, so I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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“Never Say Never Again”

I’ve just learned of a great article that I would like all of my students to read. It discusses many myths concerning “absolutes” when learning or teaching a brass instrument. The title says it best, “Never Say Never Again”. The … Continue reading

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Precision trumpet playing-here’s why we aim for it!

I often stress the importance of playing accurately to my students. Rhythm, timing, pitch, articulation, style, purity of sound, evenness of tone in all registers, etc. all make the difference between a good player and a great player. I found … Continue reading

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Groove Therapy – The Band website update

. Groove Therapy, the eight-piece horn band (of which I’m a member) has updated their website. It’s not much at this point, but it’s now a place where you can learn about the band, listen to audio clips, contact the … Continue reading

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