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Kenny Rampton Warm Up and Practice Techniques

Excellent information for any trumpet player from Kenny Rampton of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

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New page: Resources

I’ve added a page called “Resources”, a dedicated place for me to list recommended trumpet books and accessories. Since it can sometimes be difficult to find a particular book or accessory, I’ve teamed up with Amazon to offer a place … Continue reading

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Clean Your Trumpet!

A clean trumpet may be the easiest way to give yourself a performance “edge”, and it extends the life of your horn too. It’s just like changing the oil (and other fluids), rotating the tires, routine thorough inspections, and the … Continue reading

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Adolph Herseth: A living legend

Here’s a fun video of a visit to Herseth’s studio in 2009. Bud shows some of his trumpet collection with his sharp wit and humor. I believe he was 88 at the time of the video.

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The $100 investment that keeps on giving

Before you buy another mouthpiece, spend some money on something that will improve your sound and musicianship far more than an equipment tweak. Good musicians do a great deal of music listening, whether examining their own performances, finding new interpretations, … Continue reading

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The studio!

I’ve recently re-vamped my home studio. This is “the laboratory” for lessons, practicing, study, or anything else music. I’ve recently added a web cam (this is the view)-more pictures to come!

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Valve Oil

It seems these days there are as many brands of valve oil as there are trumpets. Each one claims you’ll experience record valve speed. Some will clean your horn for you. Some smell like jet fuel while others smell like … Continue reading

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Trumpets Anyone?

Here’s a couple of pictures I shot today after going through some of my horns. Thought it might be fun to get most of them together in one shot.

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Charles Davis Copper Wah Wah Mute

So I start out with a post on trumpet gear………..go figure! I’ve had the opportunity to spend some performance time with my newly acquired Charles Davis Copper Wah Wah mute. To say that I am pleased would be an understatement. … Continue reading

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