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6 months ago
Matthias Höfs

Happy Easter and all the best!

Enjoy our Telemann duet from Hamburg!

#happyeaster #eastermusic #telemann #duet #trumpetflute #coronamusic #trumpet #höfsmusic

Berlin Classics Thein-Brass Büro ... See more

6 months ago
Sarah Stoneback, trumpet — Bozeman Arts—Live!

Tonight! Catch this live streamed performance featuring Sarah Stoneback! 7:30pm (Mountain time-8:30pm Central)

Featuring two unaccompanied trumpet solos written specifically for Sarah.

6 months ago
Horn Hangouts

Live Horn Hangout with some of the world's greatest trumpet players... a guest list that has to be seen to be believed.

Join the live chat at www.sarah-willis.com/live

6 months ago
Matthias Höfs

Absolutely remarkable!

Dear friends, a time without opera and concerts.... let's play a fantasy of music we miss these days...

Composed by Stephan Peiffer

Berlin Classics Thein-Brass Büro für Künstler - Hasko Witte ... See more

6 months ago
Time After Time (trpts)

My first foray into recording at home. No idea what I'm doing. Using my live mic (Audix D3) into an Audient Evo4 interface into my iMac running Garage Band. Took the best of two takes of each track, ... See more

Listen to Time After Time (trpts) by Eric Sperry #np on #SoundCloud

6 months ago
Brass Ensemble: Chorales

The Brass Ensemble of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra plays English and American chorales from the 19th century; solemn and soothing music composed to edify the population. This rich brass ... See more

6 months ago

Working some lip slurs today, courtesy of Charles Colin. Great book and the 1st method book I owned (along with Clarke). Thanks, Lew Cole!

6 months ago
Ron Stout's trumpet solo on "Hard Body" ("Body & Soul") [TRANSCRIPTION]

One of my favorite jazz players......Ron’s ideas on this solo are really something.

Ron Stout's iconic trumpet solo on "Hard Body" (his hard bop contrefact of "Body & Soul"). From his CD "Metamorpheus". Gio Washington-Wright, transcriber & v...

6 months ago

Impromptu live warm-up and test video

7 months ago

Our friends at the New York Philharmonic will go live every Thursday at 7:30 pm 💫 Tonight it's Rebroadcast of Mahler’s Symphony 5! 🤩

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