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4 days ago
B.A.C. Musical Instruments "Best American Craftsmen"

Even though I don't own any of Mike's horns (hope that changes someday!), I've been hoping he would jump on this.......B.A.C. Musical Instruments is acquiring all of the remaining tooling at the now ... See more

NEWS!!! Live from Anaheim, California!! #coolisbac #intheloop

1 week ago
Wayne Bergeron | The sound of Hollywood | Yamaha Music

One of my all-time favorite players and teachers. A giant of the trumpet world.

​A mini documentary about one of best Jazz trumpet player around. Notable for his astonishing ability in the upper register, Wayne Bergeron is one of the mos...

1 week ago
Seraph Brass

Wonderful playing by Seraph Brass!

Celebrating Seraph Brass' founder Mary Elizabeth Bowden's new CD, Rêverie, in our newest video! Enjoy this brass rendition Jeff Luke arranged for us of this beautiful piece. Video by Rec.today ... See more

1 week ago

Hitting the shed between lessons.....👍

1 week ago
The Studio Musician's Manual by Gary Grant

A must-read, must-follow by one of the very best in the business.....Gary Grant.


3 weeks ago

Headed to Fond Du Lac to attend the Airmen of Note concert. Can’t wait!

3 weeks ago

Truth! 😎

Manny, and all my other teaching friends!

1 month ago

I'm selling my Schilke S42HD.....let me know if you're interested!

1 month ago

I will be listing my custom Schilke S42HD trumpet for sale soon...here's an early heads up in case someone I know is interested.

1 month ago


No matter how much you practice, someone is always practicing more.

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