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6 days ago
David Martin FOX 35

Love these guys. My favorite big band.


I love the U.S. Air Force Bands' AIRMEN OF NOTE and their sensational rendition of "Stars and Stripes Forever" that was performed LIVE on FOX 35's Good Day Orlando. Catch the ... See more

6 days ago
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It’s quiz time in MUS 301 Improvisation! #goodluck #musictheory #jazztheory #jazz #2-5-1

1 week ago

This is 100% on the money. Exactly what I have experienced, too.

“Is that a breathmark in measure 18?”
“Just play the ink.”
*several hours later*

It’s time to talk about rehearsal etiquette. If you want the tl;dr version - stop talking in rehearsal so ... See more

1 week ago
Hollywood Scoring - Remote Orchestral Recording in Los Angeles

http://www.hollywoodscoring.com info@hollywoodscoring.com Hollywood Scoring provides remote access to the same legendary resources used everyday by industry ...

1 week ago
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In a playing rut the past few days......save me, Vince! #MasterCichowicz #helpmeobiwankenobi #somedaysthetrumpetwins #trumpet #trumpetplayer #instatrumpet #trumpetsofinstagram

2 weeks ago
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Awaiting my students, then off to a rehearsal!

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